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Long-Stemmed Golf Ball Rose

("Tee Rose" Tutorial)

The inspiration for making a long-stemmed rose from a golf ball came in a roundabout way.

While undergoing physical therapy for a particularly bad exacerbation of an arthritic condition, I discovererd that my PT was a competitive women's golfer. I wanted to give her a gift at the completion of the therapy sessions, and, fishing for an idea, I asked her if friends and family were in the habit of giving her golf-related presents. She rolled her eyes and confessed that while she was very appreciative of their thoughtfulness, the gifts themselves tended to lack a certain femininity.

I understood completely...and the "tee rose" was born.

Robin Trudel's article, "Carving a Rose From a Golf Ball," in issue #17 of Carving Magazine was a great help to get me started.  It describes the process of carving a simple rose head that could be mounted on a cork as a bottle stopper.


That was OK, but I was looking for something a bit more feminine and elegant, so I set about the task of creating a long-stemmed rose.



Photo or 3-d rose model, Maxfli Noodle Ice golf ball, Golf tees, clear-drying adhesive or high temp hot glue, Boiling water, Rotary tool equipped with a small drill bit.



V-tool, Detail knife, Permanent marking pen, PVC pipe cutter, Awl, Kitchen Shears, Hot pot, Glue gun (unless you use epoxy), HAND PROTECTION!!!


Here are samples of rose to do your homework before you start!

Cover removal layout and exposed inner core

Set these pieces aside to be used for the stem and leaves

Snip off the top quarter of the core


Draw a wide spiral on the flat side of the core

Draw another spiral within the spiral you just drew.  Let the lines trail down the side of the corein a few places. This will set up the spacing for the outside petals.

Using a V-tool or detail knife, start carving down into the "ditch between the two concentric spirals

Deepen the ditch and break through the lines every once in awhile to make separate inner petals.


Once you have established a nice, realistic interior, contour the outside of the flower head.  This will make the flower seem to open up.

Now for the stem and leaves...

Drop the pieces of the plastic cover into the boiling water for a few seconds.  Using the kitchen shears, cut leaf shapes from the smaller pieces and cut the star-shaped "cup" that holds the flower head from the remaining large half.

Drop the pieces in to boiling water again, and mold them into realistic shapes.  A quick twist should do it.  If you don't like  what you've done, just drop the pieces back into the water and try again...


Using the detail knife, Flatten the side of a golf tee.  This will provide the base for your leaves. Glue the leaves to the tee.


Make a stem from three or four golf tees by drilling, then gluing them together.  Add the star-shaped cup to the top and insert the leaf at the join of the first and second tee.

Glue the head on last.  Partially fill a clear class bud vase with sand and insert the rose.  This adds stability, since the head of the rose is heavy and might topple an empty vase!


Here are a few more of my golf ball creations...

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Water-Hazard Lilies, Trap Toads and Turtles


Ode to a Lost Golf Ball

-by Teri Hislop


Did you ever wonder

Where the truant golf balls go?

I have a tale I'd like to tell

It's something you should know.


Well, only once or twice a year

By the light of a golf ball moon

You just might see a sight so odd

That it could make you swoon!


Upon the magic carpet

Of a lovingly tended green

Is about to occur almost in a blur

A sight like you've never seen


Now here comes a Tee Rose

Bursting forth from the nurturing sand

First a bud and then a bloom

As if formed by The Master's Hand.


Then Trap Toads and Turtles

A cheery little bunch

Swarm out from all the bunkers

in search of an evening lunch.


And now the fragile lilies

Most timid of the fray

Adorn the water hazard

Floating up from where they lay.


And lastly, the poor Goofballs

Who fled from the hook and slice

Of some well-meaning duffer

Oh, my, they've paid the price.


They look a little funny

Lop-sided, scuffed and bent

But still they win with a cheeky grin

No matter where they're sent.


So next time you land in sand

After a nasty breach

Just grab your suntan lotion

and have a "day at the beach"


Go excavate some golfballs

Your carving skill you'll hone

And wit your knife go change your lie

Make some magic of your own.